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What is rcopia?

What is rcopia?Are you ready to simplify your prescribing process, increase your quality of care and even improve your patient safety? It’s time to find out about Rcopia. If you’ve been asking the question, “What is Rcopia?” (or even if you haven’t), finding out about this cutting-edge technology tool can work wonders for your practice, your patients and even your bottom line.

What is Rcopia?

Rcopia is a technologically advanced way to electronically prescribe drugs to your patients. Rcopia, from DrFirst, is the best tool on the market to help you increase your practice efficiency and improve your patient care. This comprehensive e-prescription software offers a simple workflow and many features that will have your staff and patients working more efficiently immediately.

Rcopia Benefits

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is Rcopia?” let’s talk about the benefits of using the technology. Rcopia helps you increase your patient safety and medical adherence, and helps you save time and money.

Improve patient safety: Rcopia’s e-prescribing system will actually alert you to errors in care, helping you avoid the possibility of your patient experiences adverse effects to prescribed drugs. Rcopia’s easy e-prescribing system allows you to coordinate with your patients’ other providers to ensure that prescriptions and treatments are all in sync.

Save time and money: Using Rcopia can actually save your practice hours per day by creating a greater office efficiency. In fact, the Medican Group Management Association reported that e-prescribing systems help practices save an average of 337 hours and more than $15,000 per year.

Prevent fraud: Let’s be honest, some patients come to the doctor for the wrong reason. By using Rcopia, you help decrease the possibility of catering to a patient who is drug shopping among a number of medical providers. That’s because the DrFirst technology enables you access to your patients’ medical and medication history and help you make wise, more informed decisions regarding your patient’s care.

Ready to simplify your prescription practices and save time and money? Talk to us about Rcopia today.