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The Profession’s True EHRTM

Future Health delivers the world’s most reliable, fast, secure, and HIPAA compliant Cloud EHR for Chiropractors.

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SmartCloud Technology Creating Clinic Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Integrating Electronic Health Records (EHR) with all components of your practice, creating a truly paperless office.

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Clinic of the FutureTM


Elevate your practice with better business and clinical effectiveness & improved patient outcomes.

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Future Health SmartCloud / SmartServer

chiropractic management and EHR software

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You’ll Get it Right With The Profession’s True EHR™ Chiropractic Software

The experts agree:  Simply the best chiropractic software in the profession, hands down. A government compliant EHR, with compliant notes created professionally, quickly, and easily.

Future Health’s True EHR™ modern design and advanced architecture make it easy to manage your business analytics, improve efficiency, profitability, and patient outcomes.

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Increased Practice Efficiencies Using SMART Technology, Chiropractic Software

A doctor-centric workflow designed for your practice style, simple customizations, easy-to-use templates, options for unlimited unique forms, and reduced redundant data-entry all mean improved efficiencies and cost savings.

Plus, the technology needed to advance your practice with integration for functions like text reminders, credit card processing, and many more, through the use of our chiropractic software.

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Future Health Experts Helped Over 1,000 of our Chiropractic Clients Receive Nearly $20 Million for MU

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Future Health has led the profession’s successful entry into the world of meaningful use.

Our Government Complete Certified EHR chiropractic software delivered the best compliance results with us training over 1,000 DCs to help the profession receive $117 Million in EHR incentives, with many millions more coming in 2014.

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Best Overall Product Rankings Complimented by #1 World Class Service & Training

Rated ‘exceptional’ by our customers, and ranked as the #1 EHR chiropractic software by reviewers and experts, our customers as well as industry leaders will tell you that this is the software you want.

Rated Best Chiropractic in the 2013 Black Book Rankings and given a 5-star rating (on a sale of 1-5) by rating service.

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“Made my office more productive”

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The Future Health software has made my office more productive in terms of getting notes done and bills in the mail, than we have ever been in my 11 years of practice. I was with another software company for 4 years before buying Future Health and there is no comparison. Thank you for giving us something that works!

—Robert Barton, DC, Pasadena, TX

“I love the documentation”

smiling chiropractic software userI love your software because I love good documentation on patients and your software provides detailed, easy to use method for accomplishing documentation. I love our program from Future Health!

—James Beno, DC, Petoskey, MI

“Genius in action.”

head shot of a happy chiropractic software userI have owned three different top-of-the-line documentation and billing software packages. I had become so frustrated over the years with the cumbersome pathways of these softwares. Future Health Software is genius in action. It is loaded with so many features and shortcuts, my staff loves it! And so do I!

—Jim Kickland, DC, Atlantic, IA

“It feeds into your thought process”

head shot of a smiling chiropractic software userThe flexibility of Future Health is really impressive. You can modify it enough that it feeds into your thought process. And that’s really important, especially when you’ve been in practice over 20 years like I have.


—Brian Justice, DC, Rochester, NY

Future Health Client Ratings

Nothing we can say will match the reviews, testimonials, and referrals our customers give us.  Many national and state leaders recommend Future Health.  Ask your old classmates and colleagues; you’ll be surprised how many run their clinics with Future Health.

  • Software Efficiency Rating 93%
  • Implementation Satisfaction 95%
  • Meaningful Use Success Rating 97%
  • Customer Satisfaction 98%

Introducing The Chiropractic Profession’s True EHR™

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Create compliant soap notes in seconds from a tablet or touchscreen PC. Customizable and flexible to practice the way you want utilizing the latest app-based plug-and-play technology. Exceeded the expectations of claim reviewers and third-party payers; never stress out about the quality or compliance aspects of your notes again.

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Enhance your patient’s experience from check-in to check-out for a single doctor or multiple providers, disciplines, or locations. Our platform is built on chiropractic experiences with a chiropractic clinic mindset including Interdisciplinary clinics that also have scheduling customization capabilities to meet the needs of the most complex practices.

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Greater practice profitability with alerts, patient care plans, recurring payment pay plans, billing analytics, and many other management tools to help you gain greater profitability while improving overall care. Everything from multiple fee schedules to credit card processing to auto posting ERA’s, office efficiencies done right.

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Paperless practice management software based on Electronic Health Records (EHR) that are HIPAA-compliant and conform to federal software standards. Your patient records all in one place, secure and accessible with just one click.

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Design Your Clinic of the FutureTM    Today

Future Health is a chiropractic management software firm that helps doctors utilize technology for better practice efficiencies and patient outcomes.  Modernize your practice…compliant, simple, done the right way.

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Future Health SmartCloud Complete Plus Is The Chiropractic Software Of Choice For The Following Chiropractic Colleges

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About Future Health

Future Health is a chiropractic management software firm that focuses on helping doctors utilize technology more effectively in order to enhance their overall practice outcomes and success. Future Health offers the chiropractic profession’s True EHR™, fully integrating all elements of a modern-day practice including scheduling, patient notes, record-keeping storage, and billing. Based on carefully designed SMART Technology, Future Health software offers greater choices, including cloud-based or server-based technologies, complete workflow customization, and even a truly paperless office. The EHR government certification and advanced software design helps to lower software implementation and maintenance costs.  A recent customer survey indicated a 98% or greater satisfaction, and this past year  Future Health was ranked as the #1 chiropractic EHR by Black Book Rankings.   Most of all it is recognized for its leading chiropractic-specific professional, compliant daily-visit note creation.

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